Wanting Some Lucie Love? – Top Tips to Pull off the Sexy Surfer Look!

Wanting Some Lucie Love? – Top Tips to Pull off the Sexy Surfer Look!

So, we are just two episodes in with 2019’s series of Love Island and we are HOOKED! Followers have already latched onto an islander beauty. 21-year-old sexy surfer, Lucie Donlan from Nequay, Cornwall has caught the eye of not only the nation but also the wandering eye of Anton and hottie boxer Tommy – whilst coupled up with Joe!


Unlike the other girls in the villa, Lucie prefers a more natural ‘off the beach look’ with her blonde windswept beach waves and Baywatch style swimsuits.


Showing off her sea-kissed tan, if ever there was a perfect Davidoff model, Lucie would be it.


But let’s takes a look at how you can recreate the stunning surfer’s signature looks.


    1. Viper Swimsuit


Lucie seems to steer towards a one-piece rather than a bikini. Her key look is the Viper Suit – by Pursuit the Label, inspired by a surfer’s wetsuit and made from recycled ocean waste. Lucie has brought her home comforts of the ocean to the villa.


  1. Beach-Swept Waves

It’s no secret that Lucie’s hair is #Bev – I think that’s how the word is used?

The 21-year-old golden windswept waves is arguably winning best hair in the villa.

The best thing is this style is so simple and cost effective to achieve.

The surfer-model herself swears by VO5’s Texturizing sea salt spray to emphasise those wispy curls.

You can also attempt the beach look with the classic trick of sleeping in braids. The more braids to make, the bigger the effect. Old trusty that never fails.


  1. Sun-kissed Glow

Lucie’s toned olive skin is the skin of dreams. Boasting her rosy sun-drenched cheeks and killer legs – One of the many benefits of spending so much time in the sea.

To achieve this without blasting yourself with UV Rays try Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Mousse. The nations favourite instant tan with colour corrector to even skin tones – For the perfect coupling up add Give Me Cosmetics Self Tan Remover Mousse to instantly exfoliate and cleanse away any old stubborn tan.


So, step out this summer, ready to catch some knarley waves with her new sea salt, sun-kissed surfer looks and crack on.


Melissa Bowker

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