Top Benefits of Coconut Oil

In a world where society is forever searching for the next best natural ingredient that benefits our health, beauty and diet.


From avocado’s to plant-based dairy, there are so many ways to transition into a more natural lifestyle and sometimes natural based alternatives are more effective.


One product that has been used for years and still, holds a trusty reputation for its health and beauty betterment is Coconut Oil.



Classed as a ‘superfood’, coconut oil can be used in a variety of ways, from reducing body fat to improving brain functions, the exotic fruit is packed full of nutrients that your body will love and be thankful for.


Used in old world medicine and recipes, coconut oil has been a home favourite for hundreds of years.


Here are some of the top benefits of using Coconut Oil:


Coconut Oil is high in saturated fats which has different effects compared to other fats in your diet.

The fats in coconut oil can help your brain and body with quick energy releases. It also raises the good HDL Cholesterol in your blood which links to a reduced risk in heart disease.

The fatty acids in coconut oil is currently being treated for various disorders. The best-known treatment is a therapeutic application of the oil to help with the causes of Epilepsy in children. The fruit-based oil is also undergoing treatments trials to help patients with Alzheimer’s as the Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) in the oil can lead to an improvement on the brain by increasing blood level of Ketones.  


Healthy Diet

As coconuts are classed as an exotic food in a western society, they are predominately consumed by health-conscious individuals. But really it can be a vital ingredient for people who suffer with obesity. As well as reducing the risk of heart disease, coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) which can increase the number of calories you burn as it acts as a natural fat burner.

The (MCT’s) in coconut oil have been shown to increase calories burned over the space of 24hrs by as much as 5%.


 Coconut Oil Can Sustain Your Hunger for Longer

The interesting thing about the fatty acids in coconut oil is that it has the components to reduce your hunger. The Ketones contain fat burning acids which hold the effect of reduction in appetite.


As appetite are reduced through the ketones, this may lead to reduced body weight over a sustainable length of time.


Coconut Oil Can Protect your Hair, Skin, Nails & Dental Health

Studies have shown that coconut oil contains moisture that can help the appearance of eczema, irritations and broken skin/hair. It can also protect your skin & hair from harmful UV Rays. In addition, the oil can act like and mouth Anti-bacterial Cleanser in a process called oil-pilling which can kill harmful bacteria, improve dental and reduce bad breath.


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Melissa Bowker

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