Top 5 Hair Tones to Have this Autumn

Top 5 Hair Tones to Have this Autumn

As the seasons change, more often than not, so does our hair.



Warmer tones begin to emerge, and lighter shades fade away, leaving a cosy infusion of rich browns and toasty reds.


Here are the top 5 Autumnal Hair Colours this Season


  1. Brick Brown



If you are after a low maintenance look this season but still feel like a girl boss, Brick Brown is the way to Glow up your autumn, indulge in a rich chocolate colour to warm up the skin tones. Robin Thede rocks the look we all want to get.


  1. Coral Copper


Madeline Brewer shows us that redheads certainly do have more fun. To add a little fire to your mundane look, take the plunge to red tones this season. The best thing about this look, is that despite the colours eventually fading, you will love every transitional colour your hair will go through.


  1. Bronde



If you’re a brunette wanting to go lighter but not prepared for the upkeep, Bronde is a great in-between for a brown and blonde to brighten a brunette and darken a blonde with a beautiful multi-tonal effect.


  1. Toned Down Chestnut Brown


If you’re not feeling your summer blonde locks or red tint, toned down brown is a great colour to slap on top for the winter. As the colour fades, you will benefit from a lusciousness mixture of tones effect.


  1. Caramel Gold


Queen of glamour, Miss Queen Latifah shows us how to lighten up our dark tones with a warm drizzle of caramel, demonstrating yummy highlights that blend delicious with a brunette base.


To maintain shine and softness in your warming winter tones, without stripping the colour. Shop Give Me’s Coconut & Argan Oil Hair Mask.



Melissa Bowker

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