Tonight, on ‘Love Island’ – Who Should go? Michael or Joanna?

Tonight, on ‘Love Island’ – Who Should go? Michael or Joanna?


There was a major plot twist in Sunday night’s instalment of Love Island.

It all started off exciting as the islanders were treated to a night out at the Love Island Club. But as the night progressed, tensions rose within the group. A full-blown shouting match erupted between Anton & Belle; ending in the clear possibility of a spilt.


Amber laid her cards on the table with Michael, expressing her deepest feelings for the firefighter.



But as Caroline Flack strutted into the club, faces dropped as the Love Island Presenter announced that there had been a public vote and that viewers had been voting for their favourite couple.


We saw two couples had failed to secure enough votes; Anna & Jordan and Michael & Joanna, ending up in the danger zone and as a result were in danger of being dumped from the villa.


It was then down to their fellow islanders to vote who for who they wanted to save and remain in the villa.


After an emotional decision, the remaining islanders chose to save Anna & Jordan. Anton struggled to hold back to tears as he mentally prepared himself to send one of his best friend’s home. But the drama didn’t stop there for Michael & Joanna.


Failing to be saved by the public and their fellow islanders, the pair squirmed as Flack revealed that only one person will be packing their bags and heading to the airport.


It has not yet been revealed how the decision will be made on who stays or who goes but the real question is, if Joanna goes home, will Michael leave out of loyalty to Joanna or will he choose to stay and re-kindle his relationship with old flame, Amber?



Find out tonight at 9pm on ITV2!









Melissa Bowker

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