Tips to help you this January!

We blinked and Christmas 2022 was done and dusted and it was time for us to return to work already. During the festive period we indulge a lot, we lose track of the days, eating and drinking whatever we want, having lie ins every single day and just enjoy ourselves as much we as can. However doing whatever we like for 2 weeks can take its toll on us when we return to work.   

Here are some of Give Me's  Tips to help you get back into the swing of things this January.


Get Prepping

Prepping for the week ahead is a must, especially after over indulging the past few weeks. Having your lunches and breakfasts prepped can really save time every morning, save money everyday and help you stay on track of what your eating. We even prep down to our working clothes for the first few days of the week. Iron your Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday outfits and hang them up. Lets face it, no one likes to be rushed of a morning, by prepping everything allows you to be organised for the first week ahead.


Do You Boo!

January can be a real struggle for a lot of people, so we suggest to think of only yourself this month, be selfish! Have some self care, if you dont want to socialise this month, say no, refuse the offer and have a pamper night in. Weeks worth of drinking and eating can take its toll on your body and self care is essential. We suggest participating in Dry January and curling up with a good movie and a Chill Out Sheet Mask which are now on offer 2 masks for just £3. Pure perfection!


New Year = New You!

2019 can be your year, the year of you! Set yourself some goals this year which your want to achieve and that are realistic. Write them down in a journal and look at them every month, crossing off what you have and havent achieved. They dont have to be life changing goals, they can even be little changes such as stop using plastic straws and bags to help the environment, or wearing a hair mask every week so your hair gets in a better condition. Simple and easy changes which can really help number one, you!

Make the most out of your work friends

You spend more time with work colleagues than you do with your own friends and family. So make the time with them count, we have a great and supportive team here at Give Me Cosmetics HQ, so coming into work daily is a much easier task when you have people you want to have some fun with at work. Your work friends can really help you get through this miserable January!


Give Me Money Off!

During January we see so many sales from our favourite stores, it can be hard as money is tight during this month. But when you can get 4 packs of Pink Gel Eye Patches for just £4 its hard to say no. Besides this month is all about you, so treating yourself is necessary.


Emily Bauress

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