Times Chrissy Teigen shown the world she was one of us!

Times Chrissy Teigen shown the world she was one of us!

Its no secret that modelling superstar and John Legends other half, Chrissy Teigen doesn't take herself too seriously. We at Give Me Cosmetics absolutely love her as she is arguably the most genuine, funniest and outspoken celebrities on and off social media to date. 

Teigen made her debut in the modelling world when she featured in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010 and, alongside Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge and then appeared on the cover in 2014. Since then she has easily became an household name across the world for her humour and realness. (Plus she has the nicest husband and cutest kids ever)

We had to share with you all 6 times she gave us life and shown us all how genuine and normal she really is....

Even Chrissy loves a sheet mask. Ultimate face hydration first thing of a morning is a must!

Glam time before an awards show, face prep is always key for that Hollywood GLOW, right?

We all know airplanes dry out our skin, what better way to kill the time when flying than with some TLC with a sheet mask. Chrissy knows! 

Yep, even Chrissy Teigen gets blackheads, how else did you think they was removed? with blackhead strips of course. Get yours HERE.

Chrissy showed us how pregnancy actually is when she uploaded this snap onto her instagram. Thanks for being real!


She's always on the go, which means her kids have to get fed on the go too. We love it!


If you want to take a leaf out of Chrissy's book then get yourself some sheet masks and pores strips from here and get your Chrissy on.



Daniel Fletcher

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