There is Now a Website That Lets You Review Contraception - ‘TripAdvisor’ Style!

There is Now a Website That Lets You Review Contraception - ‘TripAdvisor’ Style!

With so many options available now, for girls, it can be extremely difficult to decide what contraception to go for. 


All body types are diverse and react in different ways and so there is a constant anxiety over females choosing the right birth control that works for them.  

Well now, Alice Pelton from Salisbury, has created a genius website that rates all the latest contraception, just like TripAdvisor.

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After experiencing severe mood swings, whilst using the contraceptive pill, Pelton, aged 30, created The Lowdown. 


The site delivers accessible and honest feedback on contraception by hundreds of users who have anonymously answered personal questions about their experiences.  



Covering all areas from weight, periods, mood swings, and sex drive; it explores around 16 different types of methods including multiple brands of the Pill, Implant, Coil, Condom, and even the fertility tracking app - Natural Cycles. 


‘The idea just came to me one night, we review everything from our care salesmen to our hotels. Why don’t we review our contraception as well?’  Alice expressed in an interview with the Sun. 

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Here are @gettheldown ’s top FIVE methods of contraception, ranked by overall satisfaction.⁣ ⁣ Interestingly, the Hormonal and Copper coils are topping the charts, with an average satisfaction rating of 3.8 and 3.5 out of 5 respectively. ⁣ ⁣ All of our results are based on real women’s reviews and experiences. We’re like Trip Advisor, but for The Pill. ⁣ ⁣ Leave a review and help us create the world’s first review platform for contraception at Link in our bio☝️ ⁣ #contraception #getthelowdown #thepill #naturalcycles #thecoil #ius #iud #sweeteningthepill #familyplanning #sexualhealth #periods #naturalbirthcontrol #letstalkaboutsex #fertility #women #feminism #womensrights #womensbodies #periodtalk #reproductiverights #mybodymychoice #notjusthormones #womenshealth #hormones #wellbeing #hormonefree #womenhelpingwomen #pms #birthcontrol #birthcontrolproblems

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‘For many women, the only way they can find out side effects is by asking their doctor who can only relay on his or her patients or by asking their group of friends. Both are useful but they’re small sample sizes.’ she said. 


The Lowdown has already collected hundreds of honest reviews but Alice is hoping to gain 5,000 for each type of birth control. The more data, the greater the patterns in side effects. 

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Like the Brexit referendum, nobody tells you what it’s going to be like afterwards. ⁣ ⁣ At The Lowdown, we want to make sure we’re telling the whole story. That’s why we’re collecting data on contraceptive after effects - any side effects you had after you stopped using it. ⁣ ⁣ Mood swings, absent periods and bad skin - it can take months for your body and fertility to get back to normal. Our early research findings show how long women’s cycles take to re-sync post contraception. For 5% of women, it has taken over a year. ⁣ Here are some of the reviews and comments we’ve already received. Leave a review of your (non Brexit) experiences at We’d love to learn more about this ⁣ #contraception⁣ #ttc #mirenacrash #injection #amenorrhea #depoprovera #womenhelpingwomen #getthelowdown #thepill #womenshealth #hormones #wellbeing #hormonefree #pms #birthcontrol #birthcontrolproblems

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At the moment the most common side effect is ‘tender breasts’ but others include headaches, enlarged breasts, vaginal dryness, better/ worse skin, back pain and thrush. 


‘It’s an insight into quite how intricately the hormones can affect our body chemistry’ she explained. 


You can visit The Lowdown here. 

Melissa Bowker

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