The ‘Awks Moment’ when Michael Reunites with Joanna

The ‘Awks Moment’ when Michael Reunites with Joanna

It was a moment we had all been waiting for, silver tongued firefighter, Michael has finally been booted out of the Love Island Villa after causing some serious drama amongst the girls.



At the beginning Michael and Amber were tipped to win the reality TV show, but the public’s opinion on the 28-year-old soon turned on it’s head.


From breaking Amber’s heart by dumping her for Casa Amor Islander, Joanna to breaking Joanna’s heart by refusing to leave with her when she was dumped from the villa, to performing a full 360 turn and attempting to crawl back to Amber!  - This boy has caused a headache for sure!


It’s safe to say the Liverpool born 28-year-old has a lot of explaining to do with both parties.

And in last night’s sister show, Love Island Aftersun, the moment arrived to come face to face with his so-called beloved, Joanna and she did not look best pleased.


Photo Credit: ITV2 

When Joanna Chimondes was dumped from the show last week, the departure turned sour when she confronted Michael and grabbed him by the cheek and threatened him. ‘If you have found what you’re looking for then you had better leave then mate.’


When Michael refused to quit the show for her, the 22-year-old recruitment consultant went on to call Michael a ‘f***ing snake,’ before storming off to pack her bags alone.


              Photo Credit: ITV2

At first, Michael appeared distraught by Joanna’s departure but as the days went on, he decided to attempt to relight a flame with Ex-Amber. After putting the 21-year-old through a tough time and causing her misery and upset for weeks he thought he could sabotage her new relationship with sweetheart rugby player Greg.


              Photo Credit: ITV2

But the plan soon backfired as the public saw right through Michael’s intentions and voted to have him dumped from the villa.


Landing him back into the pit of snakes, Michael had his leaving interview with Caroline Flack with a very unamused Joanna sat next to him.



Trying to stay composed for TV, Michael attempted to explain himself.


‘People at certain points in life will be attracted to two different people. It’s just that mine is on TV. You can have feelings for more than one person.’


Joanna began to bubble up. ‘The thing is I asked you several times…’


Caroline quickly jumped in to diffuse the situation by asking Michael what he would to do next.


‘I want to speak to Joanna to be honest.’


‘I know she’s not thinking about (rekindling) but the whole thing has been on my mind the whole time.’


Will Joanna believe anything he has to say and give him another chance?


Time will only tell.




Melissa Bowker

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