Teenagers have been Gluing Their Top Back Lip as a DIY Lip Filler

Teenagers have been Gluing Their Top Back Lip as a DIY Lip Filler

Now we’ve seen some pretty odd big lip trends that have circled social media over the years. From the Pringles challenge to the Kylie Jenner lip Challenge – which we all know ended pretty horrifically for some adventurous teenagers.


Well now there is a new craze and its about 95% proven that it’s as safe as the last idiotic viral trend.

On the popular social media app, TIK TOK, Teenage girls have come up with the bright idea to save money on lip fillers by super gluing their top lip back onto their Philtrum (The upper lip area) in order to show the appearance of fuller looking, botoxed lips.


This new trend appears to be fool proof as many young teenagers have taken to social media to test out the new challenge.




By applying eyelash glue to the skin above the top lip and stretching it upwards, it may give the illusion of a thicker lip but in addition may also make you look as if you suffer with a cleft lip as creases develop around the lip.



It’s safe to say it’s super-gluing your lip is not the most attractive look but luckily the effects are only temporary as the eyelash glue can be removed if soaked with warm water; it can however cause irritations and allergic reactions to the skin so please attempt this challenge with care.


With reality stars such as Love Island’s Molly-Mae, Kylie Jenner and Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan and Chloe ferry as role models, there is an unprecedented pressure in young people to alter their appearance in order to be attractive. From breast implants to buttocks to lips, people are being driven to make rash decisions about their image via cosmetic surgery.



Young girls are being peer pressured into looking a certain way and if you don’t fit the criteria then you are deemed as unattractive.


While this trend of giving your lips a temporary lift with glue may seem harmless, the underlining message is quite clear that young teenagers are wanting to look like their role models in the media more and more and so Celebs need to take into consideration the effect they have on their younger audience.

Melissa Bowker

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