Taylor Swift's Netflix Documentary 'Miss Americana' is Going to be a Real Eye Opener!

Taylor Swift's Netflix Documentary 'Miss Americana' is Going to be a Real Eye Opener!

Netflix has brought us some of the best documentaries you’ve ever seen. From binge worthy serial killer TV series’, to eye-opening biographies from celeb royalty such as Queen Bey and Lady Gaga.



Well now the award-winning streaming platform is blessing us with the gift of Taylor Swift!


The highly anticipated documentary, 'Miss Americana', chronicles the turning point in the Love story hitmakers career when she made the transition from the polite ‘please and thank you’ yes-girl to the outspoken activist we all know today.


The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last night and is already generating buzz for delving deep behind the façade of the iconic pop/country music star.


We have seen many versions of Taylor swift over the years, some very drastic transitions that have made us question her mental subconscious, well, at last we will see the truth behind the singer’s dramatic decisions.


Cameras were continuously rolling as Swift made her decision to make a political statement publicly for the first time, and also as she faced backlash for her decision. What’s most fascinating here is how Swift is open and honest about the image that was crafted for her—and which she wholly embraced. She appears to be attempting to atone for staying silent for so long. Directed by Lana Wilson (After Tiller), we finally get to see the layer beneath the frontage and what caused the sweet county star from Nashville to crack and decide to fight back.


Check out the Miss Americana trailer below and look for our review of the film from Sundance on Collider later this week. The film will be released in select theatres and on Netflix US on January 23rd and in the UK on January 31st.



Melissa Bowker

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