Tamagotchi is Back – and in Colour!

Tamagotchi is Back – and in Colour!

After 23 years and the death of millions of 90’s kids neglected virtual pets, Tamagotchi is back and in colour!


In 1996, the Japanese toymaker Bandai revolutionised the world of virtual reality when every child was given the responsibility of looking after a Tamagotchi pet.


Fast forward to 2019, and Bandai have brought the infamous toy back! Renamed the Tamagotchi On, the 21stcentury has certainly had a hand in the remodel showcasing the new glittery plastic casing.


The eggshell cover is available in four new and magical colours: Fairy Pink, Fairy Blue, Magic Green and Magic Purple.


While many of the original features have remained the same such as the iconic three buttons, next generation upgrades have transformed the toy for even more entertainment.

Now players can hatch, care and BREED their Tamagotchi and with this you can now connect to other devices and therefore have playdates!

What’s more, you can now marry your virtual pets and have babies!

 In addition, you can send your virtual pet to Tamagotchi hotel – so never again will your pet be neglected.


There is also an app to go with the device in order to connect to the rest of the world! (But with added online safety features so that kids can only connect to people they know)


The new and improved Japanese toy will first be released in the US on the 28thJuly and will be priced at $59.99.






Melissa Bowker

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