Stuck for things to do this Valentine’s Day?

Stuck for things to do this Valentine’s Day?

Let’s face it, like everything else, our plans for Valentine’s Day have been scrapped due to yet another lockdown. 

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the day in new and creative ways from the comfort of your own home!

Here are 10 exciting tips to master the most romantic Lockdown Valentines!

  1. Upgrade the typical breakfast in bed with a full 5* room service experience.


If your partner loves to be pampered and spoiled, treat them to the full butler service of a refined continental or full cooked breakfast equipped with a fine dining tray, fresh juice (or even mamosa!) accompanied with some beautiful flowers. You could even push the boat out and cut your toast into heart shaped for added effect.

Bon Appetit!

  1. Order flowers to be delivered to the house 

Take advantage of ordering online with so many brands offering letterbox flowers. Choose from a traditional single red rose or a customised bouquet of stunning assorted flowers.

  1. Leave post it notes around the house describing the little things you love about your other half. 

Leave a trail of quirky quotes, puns or cute habits that you love about your other half and have a light-hearted morning of reminiscing and laughter together.



  1. Create a scrapbook of your lockdown memories.

March will mark a whole year since we have been in a global pandemic. So why not take a trip down memory lane and explore what you have both got up to these past 12 months. Join the Tik Tok craze and create a heartfelt montage of your lockdown best bits.

From heart shaped cookies, Cake, brownies or even making bread. Whatever you choose to bake, doing an activity together will add a special sparkle to your day and maybe even bring you closer together.



  1. Go for a romantic walk together 

Even if it’s cold outside, take your significant other on a scenic hike and rediscover your town or city. You may find some hidden gems you missed with the chaos of your day to day lives. There is nothing more precious than talking one on one with no distractions of the outside world.


6. Create a cocktail making night

There are so many online virtual classes, or you may prefer learning straight from a book. Create a bar atmosphere and work together to make your favourite adult drink. From Martini’s to Pina Coladas. It’s guaranteed fun no matter the outcome of the taste!


  1. Get dressed up and have a stay home fine dining experience 

A date is what you make of it, so why not put on your glam and have a candle lit dinner for 2 in your dining room. But on some atmospheric music and enjoy a 3 course meal whether you other half decides to cook or you simply order in from your favourite restaurant.


  1. Plan a Spa Evening


Missing the spa? Get your fresh towels out, light some candles and incense, turn on music of the ocean and recreate an indulging and pampering experience at home. Check out ou hampers range for all the best products for refreshing, reviving and helping you to unwind together.

  1.  Living Room Picnic

Pull out your sofas, string up some fairy lights and lay out a Picnic blanket in your livingroom. Upgrade your movie night with your own take on a movie under the stars.




Nicoletta Uzoeto

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