Stacey Sololmon’s ‘Hairy Bump’ breaks the Stigma of ‘Real’ Pregnancies.

Stacey Sololmon’s ‘Hairy Bump’ breaks the Stigma of ‘Real’ Pregnancies.

Stacey Solomon has become an inspiration to all women over the years from uncovering her daily battle with skin reakouts to welcoming her ‘mum curves’.
After recently releasing her book ‘Happily Imperfect - Living life your own way’ earlier this year, she opens up about the real body transformations that women go through and that we shouldn’t just accept the changes but cherish every transition because the human body is a beautiful thing. 
But now she has taken her honesty to the next level after she unlocked the idea that pregnancy isn’t as glamorous as people make out. This week she released an instagram post revealing a very hairy pregnancy bump. 
In just one post, she creates so much relief and ease around pregnancies in young mums by displaying the real effects and changes your body goes through during pregnancy without the instagram filter. The reaction has been ginormous, encouraging us all to love the good the bad and the ugly of our skin. 
So now that we have been given a new found confidence in our physical changes through pregnancy, lets’ look at other effects maternity puts our body through and love them all.
Extra Body Hair
So as Stacey Solomon has touched upon, due to a rise in oestrogen levels, you are more than likely to face an increase of growth in hair. Whether that is in unwanted places or just a development in thickness in your ponytail. This should most definitely be taken as a positive as your body will produce thick and shiny locks during this time. 
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Stretch Marks 
This is most probably going to happen to the majority of pregnant ladies, as our skin elasticates in order to take shape and make room for our little one, the skin around the bump will thin out. Because of this, once you have given birth, the skin around that area will struggle to return to its original tightness. But don’t think of these things as scars, think of them as well deserved medals that you have brought another human being into the world.
Spider Veins 
Due to a rise in hormones, and a dramatic increase in blood volume during pregnancy, some people might develop tiny veins around their legs that may branch out, making them a little more prominent. This is a great excuse to put your feet up and relax during your term.
Facial Splotches
The origin of the term ‘pregnancy glow’. The real name is Melasma. This hormone induced condition usually appears around the forehead and cheeks. Creating that ‘rosey complexion’ everyone will comment on when your’e pregnant.  
Because of the many hormone changes flowing through your body, you may experience an appearance or increase in acne, this is only a temporary measure but perfectly natural as your body metamorphosises.
Linea Nigra 
As your belly grows, your skin develops hyperpigmentation and so certain aspects become a little more visible. What is most common is ofter the dark line down your belly. 
Let’s take a leaf out of Stacey Solomons book and bask in the beauty of pregnancy in all it’s wonders. At the end of the day, it’s human nature. 
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Melissa Bowker

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