Shock ‘Love Island’ Re-coupling tonight - One Girl is getting DUMPED!

Shock ‘Love Island’ Re-coupling tonight - One Girl is getting DUMPED!

It’s safe to say that last night’s episode did not end with happy families in the Love Island Villa.



Maura is angry with Tom over his ‘D***head’ comments and Danny & Yewande are on thin ice after Danny’s betrayal with newbie Arabella.


In tonight’s sneak peek shown in last night’s Aftersun, we discovered that there will be a shock recoupling tonight and as the boys get to pick, one girl will be packing her bags and leaving the Love Island Villa for good.


Power Couples, Amy & Curtis, Amber & Michael and Tommy & Molly-Mae look pretty confident in their relationships and blossoming duo Anna & Jordan are looking quite cosy nowadays but the remainder have a serious decision to make.


Singletons Maura, Lucie and Arabella will be facing the music in tonight’s episode as it all comes down to Danny’s final decision.


Currently in the dog house, Tom will have to pick Maura if he is ever going to make a mends, but boy does he have some grovelling to do!





Many social media followers believe that Anton will pick pal Lucie to stay in the show as he is not currently romantically involved with anyone, but old Danny Boy has the ultimate decision to make.



Currently coupled up with Yewande things were going swimmingly between them until supermodel Arabella Chi walked through the door and whisked Danny off his feet with a romantic hillside date.


Now facing conflicted feelings, Yewande has been crushed and forgotten about. In last night’s episode we saw the couple mutually agreed to give each other some space whilst Danny made a decision.


Well decision day is upon us Danny!


Who will he choose and who will he send home?


I guess we will find out tonight!


Melissa Bowker

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