Scorpio Season Has Arrived and Here’s Why it’s Making us Crazy

Scorpio Season Has Arrived and Here’s Why it’s Making us Crazy

The weeks between October 23rd & Nov 22nd is when the sun lands in Scorpio which means that whether or not this is your star sign, you’re going to experience some Scorpio energy in your Aura.



It might sound like mumbo jumbo, but this is the season to explore intimacy & transformation in your day to day life. It may well leave you with some difficult decisions to make.


Scorpio may not be the most popular star sign in the Zodiacal circle but people with this star sign are actually known for their passion, persistence, intrigue, loyalty and curiosity.


According to astronomer, Lisa Stardust, this is the month to concentrate deeply on your friendships and relationships.



‘It’s the season of healing & transformation. We will all be asked to grow and evolve.’ She says.


The astronomer also mentions that this month is going to bring us a lot of ‘Stress & confusion.’ And that’s not including ‘Brexit!’


‘Scorpio is the sign of sex, death & taxes.’ Lisa explains. ‘We will need to focus on money, debt, how we assert ourselves and where we place our energy.’


Scorpio’s are also known for being mystery when it comes to their love life.


‘Details of our private lives are rarely spared in the digital age. But a mysterious Scorpio loves to turn up the intrigue factor, cuing us to hold back a little. Take a break from documenting every moment on social media, and let people wonder what you're up to.’ – According to the Astro Twins.


‘Scorpio is the sign of intimacy, merging, and 'constant craving,' it's where two become one, and you can revel in the communion of mind, body, and soul," they say. ‘There's your cue to spice things up in the bedroom.’


But take a step back and really think about your actions, they say, ‘During this season, a kiss is never just a kiss. Don't kid yourself into thinking you can keep it casual. Exchanging energy-even a deeply penetrating eye lock-creates an invisible "cord" between two people.’


‘Before you gaze into the windows to someone's soul, consider whether or not you really want to find out what's really going on in their inner sanctum.’


If your head is a packed full of difficult decisions right now, remember, you’re not the only one going crazy this month!

Melissa Bowker

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