Scientific Trials have begun to ‘Cure’ Endometriosis.

Scientific Trials have begun to ‘Cure’ Endometriosis.


Scientists have suggested that they may have found a potential treatment for Endometriosis – perhaps even putting a stop to the painful suffering for millions of women worldwide.


Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue breaks away from the womb and grows in other areas such as the fallopian tube and ovaries.


1 in 10 women in the UK are said to have the debilitating illness that causes extreme cramping, pain during intercourse and difficulty getting pregnant.


At the moment, the only way to tackle the condition is to regularly undergo keyhole surgery to remove the growth.


According to experts at Washington University School of Medicine, who have been researching this new drug, they have stated that, if successful, antibiotics could reduce the size of the lesions caused by the syndrome.


At this moment in time, the drug has only been tested on mice but due to successful findings, scientists believe the human trials will do just as well.


Experts are now hoping that this drug could preserve the development of the condition and in time, even cure it!


Dr Ramakrishna Kammagani commented on the research, ‘Our initial goal was to understand how those gut bacteria, or microbiota, might be connected to Endometriosis, but in the process, we may have found a cost-effective treatment’.


Co-Author Dr India Mysoreka also added, ‘This study is exciting as it opens new frontiers in identifying bacterial candidates that can promote Endometriosis in reproductive-age women and it enables us to conduct future studies aimed at developing similar ways to diagnose Endometriosis’.


This could be a huge step forward for women if the trials are successful.


Melissa Bowker

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