RuPauls Drag Race UK Line-up – QUEENS REVEALED!

RuPauls Drag Race UK Line-up – QUEENS REVEALED!

Hey Kitty Katz! Ten fresh queens have just been announced as this year’s contestants for the first ever UK edition of the hit Drag Queen show.



Specially selected by Mamma Ru herself, the UK cast includes characters such as a West End performer, a Girls Aloud impersonator and a queen who’s drag alter ego has never left the confinements of her bedroom.


RuPaul has stated ‘Each of the UK queens are so unique, so courageous and special. I can’t wait for the UK – and the world – to fall in love with them the same way I did.’


The hand-picked contestants will make their debut public appearances at Manchester Pride on Saturday, August 24th.

But while we wait, let’s look at our British Drag Queen.


Baga Chipz


Baga Chipz is a London-based performer who describes herself as ‘not an Instagram make-up queen.’ She has also stated that if she was thrown on a stage, she could ‘entertain the absolute shite out of the room.’



Blu Hydrangea



The Belfast born queen is well known for her insane make-up skills. Calling herself a ‘GCSE Art Project,’ she believes she is the queen of the make-up brush’ but admits she is a little nervous of the comedy challenge.



Davina De Campo



This 35-year-old queen is not new to the world of TV. Appearing on both The Voice & All Together Now. This British contestant also has her own Youtube channel, reviewing RuPaul’s Drag Race.






This peppy hun is originally from Canada but has been living in London for the last 10 years and is well known for her hot circus skills.



Cheryl Hole



This Essex Diva previously toured the UK as part of a Girls Aloud Drag act. (Ironically, the real Cheryl will appear as a guest judge)

Ms Hole see’s herself as a ‘dancing diva’ adding ‘I’m known for my dance moves, death drops and pure entertainment and that’s what you want from a drag queen, isn’t it?’


Gothy Kendoll



As the ‘Dark Contemporary’ queen of the group, Ms Kendoll is hoping to dazzle her way through the competition with her ‘striking’ & ‘unique’ image.



Sum Ting Wong



After performing drag for the past 5 years, this queen is ready to take on the big leagues. ‘I’m here because I’m a Drag Queen, not because I’m Asian, Asian is who I am but does not define who I am. I wan to show you that I’m a queen like anyone else.’



Scardey Kat



As one of the youngest ever contestants to appear on the TV Show and has only showcased her alter ego within the walls of her bedroom. At the age of 16, the young cat decided to eliminate all her social media pages. ‘I just got rid of it all when I was 16 because I think there’s a lot of toxicity on there for a teenager growing up.’

The US version of Rupauls Drag Race was her inspiration for doing drag in the first place.



Vinegar Strokes



West End star, Ms Strokes is no stranger to the cast of RuPauls. After Acting alongside the kitty Kat herself Michelle Visage in West End show 'There's something about Jamie' there are fears of special treatment. The musical star has defended herself though and stated, 'I did dance with Michelle Visage every night, but I've already been clearly told there's going to be no favouritism and this will be a level playing field.' 



The Vivienne



Last but by no means least is The Vivienne. The Liverpool born queen won the role of UK ambassador for Drag Race a number of years ago and is ready to retain her title.

'I don't think it's going to give me a head start in this competition,' she commented, ' I has to audition like everyone else and I'm coming to slay like everyone else.' 


RuPauls Drag Race is set to air on UK screens in October on BBC Three. 






Melissa Bowker

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