RuPaul’s Drag Race Announces GOT’s Masie Williams as Guest Judge!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Announces GOT’s Masie Williams as Guest Judge!

Hey Kitty Girls! As you will well know, RuPaul’s Drag Race is renowned for its glamour, cattiness and addictive entertainment.


Now this reality drag competition show is heading to the UK and it’s pulling out all the stops.


Queen B, RuPaul will of course be joining the panel but who else better to accompany the legend than our very own legend of Westeros, Maisie Williams.


Joining Mamma Ru and our favourite Cat Michelle Visage, the GOT star has been announced as the first guest judge on the UK show.


TV presenters such as Alan Carr and Graham Norton will also be making an appearance on the hit reality TV show which will be aired during eight episodes on BBC 3 later this year.


After reeling from the emotional trauma, fresh from the Game of Thrones Finale, RuPauls Drag Race official Instagram account announced that Maisie Williams will be the first guest judge to appear on the show!

In an interview about opportunity she stated 'What I love the most about drag is the story of the drag queen behind the facade. I think that so much of drag comes from a place of real pain and seeing how that transforms into a character is so interesting to me. I love that about art and about drag.'

Now between us squirrel friends, I’m hoping that the episode Maisie will appear on will be Westeros themed!


But remember Don’t F*** it up!

Melissa Bowker

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