Post Self-Tan Issues? – HERE’S how to Fix it!

Post Self-Tan Issues? – HERE’S how to Fix it!

It’s catch 22, we love how we can transform our bodies into a bronze goddess with a San Tropez tan but then after a couple of days, we start to look more like someone with a bad case of Melasma. And then when we begin to scrub away fake – tan, you can often be left with patchy discoloration that makes you question your decision to apply in the first place.


It’s simple, ‘Love being tanned. Hate putting tan on. Love having tan on. Hate scrubbing tan off.’


But it doesn’t have to be chore to remove your tan!


We tried 3 Top ways to remove fake tan.


  1. Lemon Juice & Sugar


Old remedies are always the most reliable, or so they say. By mixing freshly squeezed lemons with brown sugar. This acts a natural exfoliator mixed with citrusy acids that will break down the components in the fake tan and dissolve the residue.


  1. Toothpaste


For years toothpaste has been used for so much more than just your teeth, it can help with nasty looking pimples, clean stains from household items and even reportedly remove fake tan! The bicarbonate of soda mixed with the paste’s microbeads creates a different mentholated exfoliator.

The same way it removes stains from your teeth.


  1. Give Me’s Fake Tan Remover


If you want to save time and faff. You can try Give Me’s Fake Tan Remover.

The Aloe Vera & Mentholated foam, soaks into the skin while gently moisturising and therefore lifting the residue from the surface. Leaving a nice clean wipe with zero effort, time and left-over smell!


If you don’t believe me, check out this video where we tested the nations favourite DIY tan removers next to Give Me’s Tan removing mousse.


See the results for yourself.




Melissa Bowker

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