Peaky Blinders Will Return 25th August and We Can’t Wait!

Peaky Blinders Will Return 25th August and We Can’t Wait!

It’s been a long time to wait for Peaky Blinders! Fans have had to sit on their hands for two since we saw Thomas Shelby and the rest of the Peaky Blinders.



Well the wait is finally over as the Brummie gang is back on our screens Friday 25thAugust and we are so ready.


*Spoiler Alert*


If you haven’t already seen season 4 then DO NOT READ ON! – To be fair you have had 2 years to catch up!


So, we’re still reeling after John’s shock death, Arthurs ‘Staged’ death, Alfie Solomon’s ‘death?’ and the fact that Tommy is now a Labour MP for Birmingham! This season was so jam packed with drama and tension, we needed two years to process it all!


Time to clear your Friday night schedule because in just under two weeks, the Bafta winning gang is returning to the streets of Birmingham and the latest trailer is increasing heartaches already.


A whole new set of on-screen photos have been released showing all our favourite trouble makers ready to create more chaos.


The new season will carry on focusing on the financial crash of 1929 but family patriarch, Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) will face a new threat – Leader of the British Fascists, Oswald Mosely (The Hunger Games, Sam Clafin).



Of course, he will need help from the rest of the clan, and so returns Peaky favourites, Helen McCroy, Paul Anderson, Sophie Rundle, Finn Cole, Kate Phillips, Charlie Murphy and Natasha O’keefe.


Things are still a little frosty between the family by the looks of things as Aunt Polly is heard in the trailer warning Tommy. ‘No Ones going to hang you Tommy, you’re going to hang yourself.’




Who else can’t control their excitement?!

Melissa Bowker

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