Our Fave Festival looks for 2018

So, the 2018 festival season has kicked off and Give Me Cosmetics are so excited! We have our Hangover Sheet Masks at the ready for the end of the festival, our Bubble Mask stirred and ready for preparations and Eyelash Applicator ready to apply those long luscious lashes for the long fun days ahead. One thing we can’t forget about is our hair. It plays a massive part in the festival outfit and we are sure to be conditioning our locks in Give Me’s Argon and Coconut Oil hair mask before the big weekend.

Here are our fave festival hair ideas you should try for all the summer festivals ahead.

 Space Buns

Space buns are so cute, we just love them. Either half up and half down, like Pretty Little Palettes have done below. Or you can go all up, get your hair completely out your face and be worry free all day. We love the addition of glitter to the middle parting too, glitter is definitely a must at festivals.


They may take a little longer to do, but the effect is fabulous. Whether you opt for 1 braid or 5 braids when you are 3 days into the festival and your hair is greasy this is the perfect style to opt for. Keep them tight or make them chunky and messy whatever the way you go for, we are just happy they are stylish and look gorgeous.

Getting wiggy with it

Opting for a wig may be your new festival go-to. Ever dreamt of having print pink or yellow hair? Then go for it, a wig is the ideal way to experiment new styles and colours without damaging your hair. Plus, it will hide your dirty hair after numerous days without showering. (Win win!)

Bo-ho chic

So, you have managed to wash your hair in a sink but haven’t got any hairdryer? No Problem! Festivals are the one place where anything goes, and we love a bo-ho chic look. Think Haim, long natural free hair, add a flower garland or bandana if you wish and let your hair dry naturally in the wind and flow.


Whatever style you opt for always remember to be kind to your hair. Our new Give Me Hair Mask is the perfect new hair treatment to give your hair the TLC it deserves before and after the festival. We recommend using this 1-2 times a week to maintain a healthy and strong head of hair that will looks gorgeous at festivals.

Do you have any festival styles we should know about? Comment below and let us know!


Daniel Fletcher

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