Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle is our New Love Island Fix & We’re Obsessed!

Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle is our New Love Island Fix & We’re Obsessed!

Due to everything going into lockdown during the COVID-19 social-distancing guidelines. Sadly, we have had to say a temporary goodbye our favourite live reality TV shows, most importantly it looks like our summer series of Love Island is on the back burner for the time being and with the whole country now stuck at home for the foreseeable, we need it now more than ever!


But luckily, Netflix has fed our dating show urges with a new original series Too Hot to Handle. A new group of beautiful people grouped together in a luxurious Villa, set on the picturesque beaches of Mexico.


The beauty of this particular show is the variety of contestants that enter the show. There are hotties from every English-speaking continent in the world, so we are spoilt for choice on who to fancy!


The contestants have all been selected for this particular show for one reason and one reason alone. They are all obsessed with – Sex. Highlighting a society’s swipe left culture and continuous obsession with meaningless relationships.


All presented by a sassy little cone shaped incense infuser named Lana. The-own-brand-Alexa holds a price fund pot of £100,000 for the group to win, but there is a twist. Each time the contestants perform an act of sexual contact on each other & themselves, a fine is taken from the prize fund. (And this includes KISSING!)


Now this would seem like an impossible task for this sex-driven young group but the whole object is to reveal whether they can create strong and meaningful relationships on an emotional and spiritual level without the distraction of physical contact.



The 8-part series takes the contestants not only on a journey to create stronger relationships amongst each other but also to develop as individuals in personal growth.


This is the best part of the show, in a world full of toxic & negative energy from other people and most importantly social media. It can create obsessions with self-image and in turn can become very damaging to mental health. Over the past few years, Love Island has faced major scrutiny over the wellbeing of its islanders after a number of participants took their own life after appearing on the show. Not to mention the sad passing of the late great Love Island Host herself Caroline Flack back in February.


Credit: Netflix

This new Netflix show hits the nail on the head with the right balance of binge worthy dating reality TV, mixed with tasks that help to improve well-being and self-love within themselves. Even within the show, if contestants show no signs of personal growth and negative outlook of the show at any point, Lana will not hesitate to cut the dead rot from the series. 


As the group meet a number of gurus who help them face personal demons they open their minds to self-worth through a number of drama-therapy based sessions.


After all, how can you truly find love if you can’t love yourself!

Melissa Bowker

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