More Secrets & Surprises with Tonight’s New Love Island Arrival

More Secrets & Surprises with Tonight’s New Love Island Arrival


As one door closes on certain Love Islanders, another opens with a brand-new face.

Tonight, we see the arrival of model Arabella Chi – but there’s another twist!




The 28-year-old already has a mutual friend or two in the villa. One of Arabella’s previous relationships happened to be with ex-Love island star Charlie Frederick from series four, which, you guessed it is also the ex-lover of recently heartbroken Lucie Donlan – as if that girl hasn’t gone through enough drama!


But the surprises don’t stop there!


After last night’s preview trailer, we witness Curtis looking rather alarmed and shocked as he sees something in the distance that stops him in his tracks.



Social media followers think they has sussed out what has the dancer knocked for six!


If Arabella is Curtis’s ex then s*** will hit the fan with already paranoid girlfriend Amy Hart, who he has been coupled up with from the start and have booked as the couple to win the show.

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Always Dreaming Of The ☀️

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28-year-old Arabella Chi is yet another model in the villa. It looks like Curtis may be out of the woods so far though as she has already stated that she has her eye on Michael and Danny and with both of them currently unavailable, Arabella will have a fight on her hands. Of which, she is not afraid to do.


‘It’s the nature of the show that you have to tread on toes.’


‘I’m not going to go for single guys because they’re not for me.’


‘If a guy is giving me half way in, I’ll keep trying.’


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Beach Bum 👋🏼

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The London born model is not a stranger to the big screen either, from bagging a modelling gigs on billboards in Oxford Street for Sports Direct and even dabbling in a bit of acting.


Arabella was in fact on the set of Justice League and Wonder Woman but not just as any extra. She was only an Amazonian!



So, we know this girl will have bite.







Melissa Bowker

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