Meghan Markle Baby Gender Revealed!

Meghan Markle Baby Gender Revealed!


As the long awaited due date is fast approaching, speculations have arisen over the new arrival of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s first child and its gender. 


In recent weeks, rumours have swirled about and many people have attempted to predict the outcome of the royal baby. Jemima Packinton, from Bath, has taken her predictions to the next level. As the one and only ‘Asparamancer’ in the country, Jemima has foretold the baby’s due date and gender in a very unique way. By tossing Asparagus into a bowl and reading the results. 


When demonstrating on ‘This Morning’ with Phillip & Holly, Packinton predicted that the Duchess was to give birth at the end of the month with a set of Boy/Girl Twins! Could this be the first ever royal twins?


As Harry & Meghan have elected to to keep the gender a secret from themselves as well as the rest of the world, little hints have been revealed between the young couple’s preferences. 
During last years Australian tour, a supporting patron in the crown exclaimed ‘I hope it’s a girl!’ To which the Duke of Sussex replied ‘So do I!’. 
Close friend Serena Williams has potentially referred to the royal baby as a she in a recent interview with ‘E News’. ‘My friend is pregnant, and she was like “My baby is gonna do this” and I just looked at her and was like “No she’s not, no you’re not”. Perhaps a verbal correction to cover tracks? Many royal fans believe that Serena is talking about her good friend Meghan. 

A very common superstition is the position on the Duchess’s Bump. As it is sitting quite high, this possibly suggests that Meghan is carrying a girl. However, the height of of her bump could be a result of Markle’s strong abdominal muscles due to her love of yoga. 
Bookies are taking bets over the reveal of the royal baby’s gender. On the Ladbrokes website, the highest odds are sitting at 8/11 for a girl. 
Bookmakers Coral, have punters placing bets on the name Grace at 5/1, sitting as the favourite in the royal predictions. 
As the Duke and Duchess have made a joint decision to have the birth at home and in private, ignoring traditional protocol of St Marys Hospital; where both Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge had their children and made a public appearance post birth. The couple are preserving the suspense with royal well wishes and keeping the whole world on the edge of their seat. 
Melissa Bowker

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