Mass Dumping Set to Happen in Love Island Villa

Mass Dumping Set to Happen in Love Island Villa

We all knew Casa Amor only lasts a few days max, but it’s looking like tonight will be the night for the villas to merge.



It’s safe to say, the divide in the Love Island Villa has certainly stirred up trouble between the power couples.




Michael’s eye is wandering over to Joanna as he assesses his future with Amber, Anna is now cracking on with 6”7 basketball player Ovie, while poor Jordan finally decides that Anna is the girl for him. But the biggest shock of all! Curtis Pritchard’s head has turned!


The ‘Mum & Dad’ of the villa, Curtis & Amy have been #couplegoals from the start but now the ballroom dancer has admitted that he is confused with his feelings.


After newbie model, Jourdan, caught his eye, he took her for a chat and confessed that she has turned his head.


‘Jourdan seems lovely, she’s attractive, she’s nice, I seem to have clicked with her a little bit.’


‘Is she better than Amy? I can’t say… I don’t know yet. If I didn’t have this chat with Jourdan, I wouldn’t have been true to myself. I’m not saying my heads been turned but am I better suited to someone else? I’m confused.’


But as tonight’s moon rises, In the first look we see the Flack strut into the villa. Could tonight be the night the girls return? And what surprises will they walk into?


If they do there will have to be a cull of dumping in order to fit everyone back on one place.


Who will be given a ticket to the villa and who will be getting a return flight home after a long weekend holiday?


Find out in tonight’s episode!






Melissa Bowker

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