Love Island – Who is your Favourite Couple?

Love Island – Who is your Favourite Couple?

So, after a pretty explosive week in the Love Island Villa, relationships have blossomed, others have crumbled, and some haven’t even stepped off the ground.



But in tonight’s public vote, we will witness the least favourite couple make their final goodbyes, pack their bags and leave the villa for good.


So, let’s see where we are at with the islander’s relationships status and who is at risk of going home.


Molly-Mae & Tommy



Probably reigning as the #couplegoals of the villa. These two have been tried and tested this season and have come out of the other side smiling. And surely the public won’t want to split up Ellie-Bellies the teddy’s adoptive parents.


Curtis & Amy




Well, this duo has certainly been through the mill!

The perfect couple in everybody’s eyes, apart from Curtis’.

We were all shocked when we watched the walls in this relationship crumble. Poor Amy was ready to confess her love for the ballroom dancer, but Curtis sadly didn’t feel the same way.

But will the public keep these two in to give them the opportunity to have a second chance of love with the other islanders?


Michael & Joanna



So, the development of this couple most definitely caused a rumble in the villa. After Michael brutally dumped poor Amber for newbie Joanna during Casa Amor. Things have been frosty, not only between exes Michael & Amber but cracks have begun to appear between the firefighter and Joanna’s relationship.


Anna & Ovie



Another savage recoupling after Casa Amor, Anna ended up ditching Jordan for 6”7 basketball player Ovie. At first glance it seemed perfect for the duo. Ovie was Anna’s perfect guy – on paper. Until she walked back in the main villa with her new re-coupling and saw Jordan had stayed loyal to her, unable to resist her attraction to Jordan, Anna has called things off with Ovie and rekindled her true connection with Jordan.


Jourdan & Danny



Despite Jourdan catching Curtis’s eye, the model/ actress decided to pursue a relationship with single boy Danny. Nothing much has happened between these two to assess their relationship, but will that mean the public will like them?


Anton & Belle



The nation felt like a proud mum when Anton ended up in a couple. Again, these two haven’t had much screen time but they both appear sweet together.


Lucie & George



Aesthetically these two-look perfect for each other. Two blonde beauties that will make beautiful surfer babies. But in real life, this duo is about as interesting as a ham sandwich and a packet of ready salted crisps. Zero sparks and painful chat.

Could tonight be the night Lucie reunites with Joe?


Maura & Marvin



Again, a couple created during Casa Amor and has never really progressed any further. In fact, they haven’t even kissed!

But now that Maura has her eyes on newly single Curtis, could we be seeing a new romance blossom?


Tune into Love Island tonight at (pm and see who the public choose to dump from the villa.


Photo Credits: ITV2


Melissa Bowker

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