Love Island – Viewers Left in Shock after Jordan’s Trip to India

Love Island – Viewers Left in Shock after Jordan’s Trip to India

It’s safe to say, the public were not happy bunnies after last night’s sneak preview for tonight’s episode of Love Island.




Viewers saw Jordan admitting to the boys that his head had in fact been turned by newbie India.


It’s been a busy week for raunchy couple, Anna & Jordan.



Starting the week on a high, the pair made their relationship official after Jordan took the Kim K Look-a-like on a trip down memory lane around the villa, reminiscing on their time on the show. The tour finished with Jordan popping the question, asking Anna to his ‘CHICK’.



But the tone suddenly turned cold as the pair found themselves on the dangerous end of the public vote yet again on Sunday’s episode. The duo ended up being saved by their fellow islanders, seeing bad boy Michael and Francesca leave the villa.


Has this ego crush planted doubt in the relationship for a couple who are well known for their passionate PDA!


The public simply don’t know how to react to this bombshell, they took to social media to express their opinions.


‘You’re s***tinging me… Jordan has decided he likes Ovie’s girl after asking Anna to be his girlfriend?’


‘You didn’t just drag Anna around memory lane, make her your ‘chick’, to throw it away for some ‘exciting bumps’ around the pool. JORDAN WHAT THE F***!1!1!’


‘Jordan literally just made Anna his girlfriend and now he wants to move onto India? CHALDISH!’


‘Jordan’s about to pull a Michael on Anna’s ass. Oh S*** here we go boys and girls.’


Another fuming fan wrote. ‘THIS IS NO TIME FOR A TRIP TO INDIA!’


The Page 3 model is currently under scrutiny in her own coupling with Basketball player, Ovie, after a villa challenge revealed that Newspapers have accused India of choosing Ovie for the winning £50K.



Will Ovie lose out on yet another girl to Jordan?






Melissa Bowker

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