‘Love Island’ - Is Amber Being a ‘Muggy’

‘Love Island’ - Is Amber Being a ‘Muggy’

The 21-year-old beautician from Newcastle has had a bit of a hard time of it over the past couple of weeks in the Love Island villa. 


After finding what she thought was the perfect boy and falling head over heels for the Liverpudlian firefighter, Michael, Amber finally broke down her walls and let her guard down. But sadly, the Geordie had her heart shattered into a million pieces when she arrived back from Casa Amor. She walked into the villa, excited to reconnect with her Bo, only to find her perfect boy had dumped her for newbie recruitment consultant, Joanna. Leaving Amber crushed and humiliated in front of the whole villa.



To make matters worse, Michael became cold and harsh towards poor Amber. Explaining that the re-coupling was her fault because the firefighter expressed that he had to ‘Bite his tongue’ around her, due to her ‘Chaldish’ ways.


As a woman who doesn’t take any prisoners, the nation expected an uproar between Michael & Amber, but on the contrary, Amber stayed calm and collected for public appearances – she even went on a lunch date with new fling Joanna and welcomed her with kindness and respect into the villa, albeit on the inside the 21-year-old was heartbroken.



As Michael & Joanna’s relationship grew, it became harder and harder for Amber to watch from the side-lines and occasionally, it would become too much, and she would resort to tears.


But despite being given the cold shoulder by Michael and a shattered dream of romance, Amber still held onto her feelings for the 28-year-old and finally plucked up the courage to tell the Liverpudlian she still cared for her.


But he quickly shot her down in true Michael style, demanding her to ‘sit down’ like a dog and ruthlessly breaking her heart yet again by squashing any chance of them getting back together.


However, it wasn’t until Irish heartthrob Greg came on the scene to whisk Amber away and Joanna dumped form the Villa that Michael decided that he still had feelings for the 21-year-old Geordie.


But as Greg continues to charm his way to Amber’s broken heart by treating her the way she truly deserves. Will Michael’s proposal of giving it another go past it’s sell by date?


Many viewers believe Amber would be a ‘Muggy’ if she rekindled her coupling with Michael. Despite being in the running’s to win and having a great connection at the beginning of the show, viewers are convinced that Michael has upset Amber one too many times to forgive and is finally showing he true nasty colours.


But the decision is Ambers and Ambers alone. Will she listen to what Michael has to say and give him a second chance? Or will she pursue things with Greg and be treated with the respect she deserves?


Find out tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Melissa Bowker

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