Love Island Exclusive – Will Lucie Walk?

Love Island Exclusive – Will Lucie Walk?

After serious Love Island trauma in last night’s episode, the villa has certainly been left rumbled by the public vote.



Joe Garrett & Elma Pazar were dumped from the show when Caroline Flack entered the villa to announce that the public had been voting to rid of the least compatible couple. Unbeknown to them that the two least compatible couples would have one person from each couple dumped.



Now Love Island, that is cruel!


Feeling shocked and heartbroken, Lucie couldn’t hold back the tears as she was forced to say goodbye to her partner and best friend. Joe and Lucie had been coupled up since the beginning of the show.



The public decided that Joe & Lucie were not compatible due to speculations that Joe had been ‘Gaslighting’ Lucie over his suggestions that she had been spending too much time with other guys (aka Tommy) and not enough time with the girls resulting in Lucie being resorted to tears.

‘Gaslighting’ basically means when someone makes another person believe they have done something wrong when they haven’t. A common sign of emotional abuse.



Due to the backlash of this scenario, according to The Sun, Joe has been placed in a safe house and denied access to the Aftersun interviews that dumped contestants usually appear on after leaving the show. This is all part of ITV's duty of care towards the contestants of the show. Women’s rights organisations such as Women’s Aid, expressed their dislike for the sandwich maker on social media and believed that Joe’s performance has traits of emotional abuse towards women.




Despite the what the public think of Joe, Lucie has been left distraught and in tonight’s preview, has suggested to an unknown islander that she may quit the show rather than find love with someone else in the villa. ‘What would he do in my situation,’ we hear her say.



The pair clearly had strong feelings for each other and before the dumping Joe even admitted he’d ‘fallen for Lucie’.


Do you think Lucie will walk and reunite with Joe, or were the feelings one sided? I guess we will discover tonight!

Let us know your thoughts on the split of the couple!

Melissa Bowker

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