Love Island - Amy Quits as Another Couple Is Dumped Tonight

Love Island - Amy Quits as Another Couple Is Dumped Tonight

A dramatic start to the week for the Love Islanders. It started off so well as they all celebrated Anna’s birthday and Tommy & Molly-Mae becoming exclusive but as the full moon rose, news hit the villa like an earthquake.



Couples were dumped and islanders quit.


As the anxious islanders sat around the firepit, each of couples received texts explaining who the least favourite couples were and who was vulnerable from the vote. Narrowing it down to Lucy & George, Amy & Curtis and Jourdan & Danny.


Sadly, the public vote meant that the villa had to say goodbye to Jourdan & Danny.



Gutted from his bad luck in the villa, Danny packed his bags and walked out holding hands with model Jourdan.


But the bad news had not ended as a following text revealed that the islanders had to decide amongst themselves who else would leave the villa within the remaining vulnerable couples.



Leaving the nation on a cliff-hanger ready for a tense episode tonight, breaking news erupted out of the villa in the early hours of the morning.


26-year-old Amy Hart had quit the show!


After a traumatic break-up from ‘half-boyfriend’ Curtis, Amy couldn’t face watching her ballroom dancing ex crack on with ‘so-called’ pal, Maura Higgins.



The air-stewardess was reduced to tears as she witnessed her lover teach Maura the Cha cha cha, after previously begging Curtis to teach her to dance whilst in their relationship.



Leading on from Amy confessing her love for Curtis, she was left devastated, humiliated and heartbroken; it all became too much for the blonde beauty.


The 26-year-old (who had never been in a relationship before), was taken out of the villa temporarily last week for well-being therapy with the Love Island duty-of-care team but remaining in the villa proved to be too much for her.


Amongst the trail of devastation, one more couple will be voted out tonight by their fellow islanders.


Will Curtis be joining Amy on the outside or will he be given a chance to carry on his dancing lessons with Maura?


Find out tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Melissa Bowker

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