Is this finally the cure for IBS ?

Is this finally the cure for IBS ?

Trials have begun in Manchester to help rid of the despised symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) by ‘Soaking up the rotten egg gas’. 

The dreaded condition affects around 25 - 45 million in the UK and symptoms often include Diarrhoea, stomach cramps, bloating and constipation. 

Registered Dietician Michelle Monroe writes about her own personal battle with the syndrome in article - 

Which Probiotics are Best for IBS?

It is believed that Hydrogen Sulphide is the main factor in the unwanted symptoms that causes IBS.  When bacteria enters and sits then sits in the wrong part of the digestive system, causing the gut to pump out gases, developing the uncomfortable bloating. 


There should be an equal amount of good vs bad bacteria in the gut but when the Hydrogen Sulphide hits the body, it knocks the harmony out of place. 

This new drug, has been developed to restore balance to the gut, resulting in less swollen bellies. 



The pill is called Blautix which contains Blautica Hydrogentrophica. This component is created to absorb the hydrogen from the digestive system. 

After recent testing at the Digestive Disease Conference in Washington, DC, scientists have revealed that a whopping 82% of patients found their symptoms to reduce. 


The new residence of testing will take place at Wyhthenshaw Hospital in Manchester along with places in Europe and the US.  Where 500 patients who suffer from IBS will be testing the new drug over a three month period. 



One brave influencer has reached out and has revealed her struggles with IBS.  has been documenting her day in the life troubles with the symptoms and has been educating her followers with the reality of the syndrome. 



In her moving, heart filled post, she states, ‘ No woman or man is ever going to feel good looking at themselves, while physically looking like the photo on the right.’ 

She goes on to discuss her symptoms, ‘ Sick, nausea, sore, unmotivated and very lethargic. Feeling this way often made the smallest day a struggle.’



Doctor Jason Dunn, a consultant gastroenterologist at Guy’s & St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust, has explained that the study’s focus is on gut microbiota; bacterial bugs found in the gut. 


He continued to say ‘there is great interest in treatments like this to modulate the microbiota, though the current evidence that these are effective in improving symptoms remains limited. If the drug proves successful, this could be a huge step forward for millions of people who suffer with the condition.’



Melissa Bowker

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