In a Local-Lockdown? Fresh Tips to beat the Boredom & Self-Care!


It’s been very frustrating this year and as we head into more uncertain times, some areas are creeping into lockdowns and others are facing restrictions on socialising again. But ways we pre-occupied ourselves in the first lockdown are probably going to lose their shine very quickly now and outdoor social-distant meet ups are going to get a lot more difficult when the rain and frost move in.


Put the banana bread recipe down! Here are some fresh tips to help keep yourself sane as we emerge into another lockdown situation!


 1. Start a blog

There is so much to talk, vent about & share from this year. From COVID-19 to the Black Lives Matter Movement to Job losses. The world may have been in isolation, but we have never been more united. Write about your experiences and share advice that could mean the world to another person!



2. Get a head start on Xmas shopping

As we become more restricted with holidays & socialising, use that extra cash to get ahead of the game this Christmas, avoid the mad rush and spread the cost. Try and support your local businesses in a responsible way!

3. Host a games night with your support bubble

Spice up your evenings in with a weekly themed quiz night with your household or support bubble. From 80s themed to Harry Potter, raid your wardrobes and see what fun you can come up. The world is your oyster!




4. Cook up some of your favourite restaurant meals

We may be restricted from visiting our favourite restaurants with our besties but why not try and recreate the dishes you miss the most! Let’s see you’re attempt at home fine-dining!






5. Bake beyond banana bread – Cloud bread!

I think we’re all a little sick of baking banana bread, and we all don’t want to be gaining that lockdown weight again. So why not try & make Cloud Bread! Gluten Free, Low Carb, and Grain Free… This Cloud Bread Recipe is the Best Bread to Eat on Any Diet! For the recipe click here!


6. Upcycle your furniture

Tired of looking at the same old furniture? A lick of paint or swapped out cupboard doors can transform the look of an entire room! Dust off your paint brushes and see what exciting things you can come up with in a creative yet cost effective way to spice up your home.

7. Make a bucket list

We may have written off 2020 for travelling, and even if we have managed to get away, we’ve been restricted to where we can go.
Why don’t you create a Bucket list of all the places you want to visit when this nightmare is over? You could get yourself a scratch off map, or even write down your favourite places on strips of paper and fold them up into a jar. The first piece you pull out is the first place you will visit after the pandemic!





8. Make a pizza & fondue night

What could be cosier in winter than to wrap up in your comfies, make your favourite pizza & set out a chocolate fondue set; all in front of a family favourite film or latest blockbuster. Perfection!  

9. Practice Nail Art

2020 has brought many new styles but one that seems to have really taken off again is nail art. Gone are the days that you go to the nail salon for one block colour! Now its tiny creative art on each individual nail! Why not have a go at it yourself at home! You never know, many small nail businesses started out of practicing during the last lockdown!


10. Create a lockdown bath

As the cold weather begins to creep in, hot baths are the ideal cure to cold winter days. Pimp out your bath time with a full self-care treatment. Light some candles, turn on your relaxing playlist and unwind from societies stresses. Begin with your hair and treat your entire body to some intensely warming pampering at home.



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Remember that this situation won’t be forever and so take advantage of time slowing down and reflect on the positives of this year, what new skills have you learned? What jobs have you finally completed? What realisations did you come to?


Whatever you take from 2020, just keep in mind to hold tight. Better Days Are Coming




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Melissa Bowker

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