If Beyoncé Can Love Her ‘FUPA’ So can you!

If Beyoncé Can Love Her ‘FUPA’ So can you!

The Year of the ‘FUPA’ is upon us!


Beyoncé Knowles has been an idol and role model for women across the globe fpr a number of years now and her feelings towards body positivity have many people fall back in love with their own bodies again.


But ever since she kicked off her tour ‘On the Run II’, fans have been convinced that ‘Queen Bey’ is pregnant for the 3rd time.


But the popstar has commented on the rumours in her interview with fashion magazine, Vogue. In her own words she stated, ‘Right now, my little FUPA and I are meant to be.’


FUPA stands for ‘Fat, Upper Pelvic Area’.

‘Bey’ has embraced her ‘Mummy Pouch’ and is proud of it.


It is isn’t surprising she only gave birth 2 years ago and not to mention to twins!

‘I think it is important for women and men to see and appreciate the beauty in their natural bodies,’ she said.


Due to complications in her pregnancy, such as being diagnosed with Toxaemia, the ‘On the Run’ star had to be placed on bed rest and her twins were delivered by C-section and spent weeks in NICU.


‘I need time to heal, to recover’ she admitted.


Beyoncé disclosed to the magazine that. Her experiences and struggles have made her into the woman she is today.


‘I’ve been through hell and back and I’m grateful for every scar.’


‘I accepted what my body wanted to be.’ She said proudly.


She has taken her experiences and used it to help inspire the younger generation in the industry.


‘There are so many social & cultural barriers to entry that I like to do what I can to level the playing fields.’



‘To present a different point of view for people who many feel like their voices don’t matter.’


The Lion King singer wants to be an inspiration to all women but especially to her daughters.

‘It’s important to me that they see themselves as CEO’s, as Bosses. 

And she wishes her son to be ‘Strong & brave but that he can also be sensitive and kind.’

If this woman was any more amazing, she’d be a god!’


Melissa Bowker

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