Here’s a Reminder of Home Hair Dye Fails!

Here’s a Reminder of Home Hair Dye Fails!

Almost 10 Weeks into lockdown and we’re all looking a little worse for wear. The idea of a beach-ready body has dissolved, we’re living with our own nails for the first time since discovering acrylics and worst of all, THE ROOTS ARE EMERGING!


Hair grows an average of 1 inch every 4 weeks and most people have their roots touched up every 8-10 weeks so I’m guessing the mirror isn’t quite your friend right now.


Whether your dark natural colour is slowly creeping through the platinum or the greys are becoming more and more prominent. We’re all itching to get back the hairdressers pronto and with the thought of salons not opening for at least another 6 weeks, those home hair dye kits are looking all the more appealing.


But before you reach for the box with Holly Willoughby’s face on it. Here’s Youtuber & Hair stylist Brad Mondo with a quick reminder of all the home hair dye fails.


Thinking of Bleaching?


Box Dye Vs Profession Hair Colour 


Finally - Thinking of Dying the ends Ombre?


So, remember, when you look at those bad boy roots on your head, ask yourself, Am I going anywhere right now? Is it really necessary? Is it worth maybe waiting just a little longer for a professional to colour it properly?


Don’t forget, if it all goes wrong, you have to live with your fail for AT LEAST 6 weeks!


And for those who do not heed the advice, here’s a little something to try and repair the damage you may have caused to your hair.


The Give Me Deep Conditioning Hair Mask



For hair that may have turned brittle from bleaching, the hair mask works to restore moisture back into the hair strands. With regular use it will also help to improve the overall condition of dry and damaged hair.


So, when the day comes that you can stroll back into your hair salon and ask them to rectify the home hair dye fail, your hair will have developed some strength and health which is key for a healthy dying process.


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