Heidi Klum the Queen of Halloween

Heidi Klum the Queen of Halloween

If you didn't already know, Heidi Klum is the queen of halloween.

The German model slays the game every year, going to epic heights with her costume for her annual Halloween party. Recently Heidi gave us a sneak peak over on her instagram page for her costume this year, yes you guessed it, more SFX. We cant wait. 


Heidi uses none other than Hollywoods amazing special FX makeup artists 'Prorenfx'. Prorenfx are responsible for some amazing work over the years. Most recently turning Emma Stone into an Elf for Netflix show Maniac. (If you've saw the show you will know which scene we are on about, very strange right?) If you take a look at their Instagram you will see some of Heidi's famous Halloween looks through out the years, along with other epic work for movies the team have created. We are amazed!

We thought we would take a walk along memory lane to see our fave looks from Ms Klum throughout the years...


In the year 2000 Heidi decided a good halloween party was needed and the annual famous party began. The young faced star dressed up as a traditional dirnal. She stated on her Instagram: "Countdown to Halloween: 18 days! My first Halloween party started in 2000 as I thought someone needs to be throwing a great Halloween party… so I did!!! Since I’m German, I thought a traditional dirndl in patent leather with pigtails would be fun! #HeidiHalloween#HeidiHalloween2018 #HeidiKlumHalloween"


In 2001 the star stepped it up a notch by turning up to her party on a real life horse. She dressed up as Lady Godiva and certainly arrived in style. 


In 2002 Heidi turning up to her party as cartoon character Betty Boop, with a twist as she wore fangs underneath that cute pout. She stated "I loved those super long eyelashes and extra curves, so much fun to dress as a cartoon character!"


Jumping to 2004, Heidi scared us all when she dressed up as a Red Witch complete with a skeleton on her back. 


Back in 2006 Heidi decided to hide the fact she was pregnant during the precious Halloween month and dressed up as forbidden fruit. Hiding her bump under a huge red apple costume wrapped by a snake. Good idea! however she did have some problems..."The problem with that was that I was so big, I couldn’t fit into a car, so I had to get a convertible at the last moment just so I could get to the party," she told the New York Post. "I couldn’t drink water because my arms didn’t reach my face, I couldn’t even sit. That wasn’t so much fun — I didn’t fully think that one through!"


After the struggle of the previous years apple costume, Heidi decided to tone it town in 2007 and dress up as a simple cat. Meaning she could enjoy herself a lot more and be free. 


In 2008 Heidi took inspiration after being in India with her ex husband. Her assistant suggested going as an Indian Goddess, which she did however obviously made it a scary version. However according to Vouge Magazine, Hindu leaders criticised the costume, saying that it was "denigrating." Oops!


8 years ago Heidi decided to go all superhero. She described the costume as being "larger than life" which was literally as she turned up in stilt boots which made her tower over everyone at the party.


In 2011 Heidi shocked us all when she turned up, in erm... nothing. Literally the model turned up to her Vegas halloween party as a stripped body. Just revealing flesh and muscles. Really strange we think. Heidi explained "It's kind of like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off. It’s basically like me naked." She said that she called this costume the "visible woman." We love how she turned up to the party on bed with a doctor though.

For her second party in 2011 her and husband Seal decided to be Ape lovers. The costume took 6 hours each in hair and makeup. WOW. Wonder how long it taken the couple to get all this removed?


Heidi went into the far future in 2013 when she dressed up as a 95 year old version of herself. Granny Heidi was nearly turned away from her own party as no one knew it was her. 


Heidi blew us all away in 2014 when she turned up as a Butterfly. Being sat in the makeup chair for 5 hours all together to get this costume perfect she stated to E News- "someone very special to my heart called me a schmetterling [German word for butterfly], so I wanted to be a butterfly this year. They're just so pretty and colourful and I used to love painting butterflies."


Heidi broke her record for makeup timing when she sat for a whopping 10 hours to transform herself into the famous Jessica Rabbit. A team of special FX artists applied prosthetics not just to her face but her chest and bum.


Instead of undergoing all that makeup hell herself in 2016, she dressed up lovely and glam and made five other girls do it so that they could become her clones. 6 Heidi's walking and dancing around the party would surely confuse people a lot, especially after a drink or 2.


last year Heidi done her best costume yet, as she went all out dressing up as the Werewolf Michel Jackson, you know from the Thriller video? This look took Heidi 7 hours to fully transform from human to werewolf. She also got zombies to make an extra scary entrance with her. This is our fave look to date.

What do you think Heidi will be this year? We cant wait to see what she pulls out the bag. 

Emily Bauress

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