Healthy Skin Care hacks for Mature Skin

When your skin begins to age, the focus always remains around the defence against fine lines and wrinkles. Alternatively, the emphasis should be on maintaining the health of your skin, not fighting with mother nature.


The aging process is inevitable, and you should embrace the changes your body goes through as you enter another world of beauty.


You need to make sure you are looking after the health of your mature skin as is becomes more delicate, and sensitive.


Here are some top tips to make your mature skin glow.


  1. Stay out of the sun– Catching UV rays may seem like a good idea in your youth, but it catches up to you as the years pass by. It can be extremely harmful on aging skin as excessive exposure can create dark circles, fine lines and even skin cancer. – It’s never too late to start using sunblock.


  1. Wash your face before bed – For post–menopausal women your skin will become much dryer due to constant ‘hot flushes’, this reduces the moisture in your skin through your oil glands. Wash your face with natural based products every night to entice the return of natural oils. Avoid soap, soap will wash away any oils in your skin and make your skin become even more dry. Drink plenty of water to encourage your skins hydration.


  1. Don’t soak in the bath for too long– Baths may feel great but if you lie there for too long, your skin will prune up and become extremely dry. Make sure if you do like a long soak that you use lots of bath oils and layer up on the body moisturiser afterwards.


  1. Feed your skin with the nutrition it needs- Keeping a balanced diet of fruit, veg and sugars will help boost your skin natural glow as it contains all vitamins and minerals your skin needs to breath. Coconut, argan, red bell pepper and even dark chocolate are full of rich nutrients that your skin craves.


For the best results try Give Me’s Ultimate Face Fix Sheet masks to help encourage moisture and elasticity in your skin.


For dry aging and wiry hair why not try Give Me’s Coconut and Argan Oil Hair Mask to make mature hair softer and full of shine.

Melissa Bowker

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