Give Me's Top Rated Products for the Ultimate Halloween Look

Give Me's Top Rated Products for the Ultimate Halloween Look

After taking a year-long break from Halloween festivities, due to Covid restrictions and isolation, the fancy dress parties are finally back. And now is the time to dress to impress with your costumes and makeup looks.

But remember that pre and after makeup & hair care are essential. You don't want one night to mess up all of the year's beauty efforts.

That is why we have compiled a guide filled with the best products you need to best take care of your hair and skin behind the scenes of your spooky look.




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Let's start with the hair. 

The Give Me Heat Defence Spray and Hair Serum are the best styling combo to prep and shine your hair before undertaking any crazy hairstyle.


When you head back from your night of frightening fun, you require the perfect products to remove and wash off all those layers of hair spray & temporary hair dye. The Argan Oil & Coconut Oil infused Haircare Bundle is just what you need to bring your hair back to life.



Now makeup is usually the supporting act of the show on Halloween, and we all know that a flawless look needs the perfect skin base.


Minimize and clear large pores with the Give Me Green Tea & Vitamin E Cleansing Balm and hydrate and brighten your complexion with the Retinol & Witch Hazel Face Toner


Swap your usual primer for the Give Me Day Cream! This lightweight formula is ideal for creating a smooth surface ready for layers and layers of makeup.


The number one rule of makeup wearers is to never, big emphasis on never, forget to remove your makeup when you get home. No matter how tired you are, your skin deserves to breathe the best ingredients to rejuvenate.





Formulated with Grapeseed & Olive oil, our Makeup Remover melts away any makeup residue from your skin, leaving you with a cleansed and soft complexion.  

Pair it up with our eco-friendly Eco Pads for an extra gentle and smooth finish.





Now, what can be the most annoying thing about Halloween is the never-ending glitter and body paint you keep finding days after the madness. A total nightmare!

What we've found is that the Give Me Fake Tan Remover not only dissolves any leftover patchy tan but does a wonderful job at removing stubborn glitter.


Alternatively, run a hot shower and scrub away all impurities with the Give Me Body Scrubs


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