Give Me Skincare Tips

Give Me Skincare Tips

We know it’s important to have healthy looking and feeling skin, no matter what time of year it is, or how much we cover up, smooth healthy skin is an essential. At Give Me, we want to make sure your skin is always the best it can be, so we’re providing you with some of the easiest and most simple tips to help improve your skincare and give you what you deserve.

Vitamin C

After making waves in the beauty industry last year, it’s hard to ignore Vitamin C which is adored by pretty much every skincare expert. Well known for its antioxidant benefits for the body and the skin, Vitamin C boosts collagen which helps to protect against UV exposure, ensuring of better protection for your skin. Not only this, but Vitamin C can give your skin the natural glow that we all want, it helps to achieve smooth skin and prevents wrinkles, sagging and the breakdown of collagen within the skin.

Remember To Exfoliate

It’s one of the most essential parts of your skincare routine that you shouldn’t take for granted. To get that healthy, glowing skin, you’ll want to incorporate a regular and thorough exfoliation technique that eliminates dead skin cells, clears pores and revitalises the skin. The best way of doing this? With an all-natural scrub glove, of course. Made up of natural plant fibres, Give Me’s Exfoliating Bath Glove is not only eco-friendly, but is the perfect total body exfoliator, making removing dead skin easier than ever, and ensuring of a shiny glow for your skin.

Exfoliating Bath Glove

Benefits Of Exfoliation:

  • Healthy Skin

  • Removes Dead Skin Cells

  • Refreshed And Glowing Skin

  • Makes Moisturizing Products More Effective

Light Moisturisers > Heavy Creams

As the months are getting warmer, you’re going to want to switch up your moisturiser to a lightweight one that typically absorbs into the skin quickly and works better underneath makeup. The properties of a lightweight moisturiser make for the perfect dose of hydration for your skin, and with Summer fast approaching, it’s good to get on top of your skin early and keep it looking refreshed and smooth for the warm months ahead. Additionally, a lightweight moisturiser can be the perfect antidote for oily skin, and work towards absorbing the excess oil within your skin.

Heavier creams are typically better in the colder months, particularly because they don’t absorb as quickly into the skin and pack a hydration punch that can really benefit the skin. For total skincare balance, no matter what time of year, it’s best to use a lightweight moisturiser throughout the day and use a heavier one at night.  

Light Moisturiser

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