Give Me New Stuff!

Give Me New Stuff!


We are SO excited about the launch of our new products, we have designed and created a whole new range for you lovely lot and know you are going to LOVE them all.

 Here’s what we have in store for you:

 The Hangover Sheet Mask

Okay is there anything worse than the hangover headache? We think NOT! Our Hangover Mask is designed for those rough mornings, long days or times where you're just a little sleep deprived.

The mask is bursting with the refreshing scent of cucumber and filled with peppermint oil to revive and provide that 'airwaves' type feel. Your skin will thank you the morning after! This mask only contains natural ingredients.

Benefits of the Hangover Mask are;

  • Refreshing to your skin
  • Perfect for use whilst hungover, sleep deprived or run down
  • Skin Recovery 
  • Hydrating & soothing


The Chill Out Sheet Mask

 Netflix and Chill…. Literally! Our new Chill Out Mask is perfectly tailored for those cosy nights in alone or with your besties to fully enhance your relaxation. Fully loaded with avocado extract and coconut oil, this mask is designed to calm your skin. We like to use this one just before our bedtime, wind down and relax.

Benefits of the Chill Out Mask are;

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals to deeply nourish, calm and moisturise skin
  • Perfectly hydrates skin and promotes elasticity
  • Ideal for use whilst enjoying a quiet night in before bed or a lazy Sunday 


U Ok Hun Sleep Mask

Do you struggle to sleep? Our new U Ok Hun sleep masks are the perfect new addition to your bedtime routine. Available in 2 colours, black or pink crafted in a soft and silky fabric that will give you a dreamy night’s sleep.  

Candyfloss Lip Scrub

Our new Candy Floss Lip Scrub is a yummy solution for dry, damaged and chapped lips. The scrub is rich in natural oils to form a hydrating and nourishing barrier on the lips. Experience the sweet candy floss taste to amazing soft lips! 

Benefits of the Candy Lip Scrub;

  • Exfoliates lips
  • Removes dead skin for nourishment 
  • Conditions lips
  • Antioxidant
  • Delicious Candy Floss flavour

Passion Fruit Lip Blam

Love our classic Vanilla lip balm? Then you should try our new Passion Fruit flavoured Lip Balm. This relieves and protects dry, chapped lips locking in moisture to help keep them healthy. With a new formula this has more shine than our classic vanilla for a glossy hydration.

Apply as often as required to maintain the perfect nourished smile! Perfect for use alongside our varied Lip Scrubs - It’s the ultimate lip-kit!

Chocolate Mint Lip Scrub 

Not a fruit flavour fan? We got your back… Introducing our NEW Mint Chocolate lip scrub. Bursting with flavour this scrub is ideal for dry and flaky lips. Feel the mint tingle and taste the chocolate!

Simply apply to your lips, scrub and lick away!


  • Exfoliates lips
  • Tasty Mint Choc Chip flavour
  • Removes dead skin for nourishment 
  • Conditions lips
  • Antioxidant


We already have some great offers on our new products. Check them out now and let us know your thoughts. We hope to keep giving you new and exciting products.



Daniel Fletcher

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