Give Me Launches Their NEW Shampoo & Conditioner & We’re Obsessed!

Give Me Launches Their NEW Shampoo & Conditioner & We’re Obsessed!

So over the past few years, we, the people at Give Me, have been providing our customers with all the must-have pampering goodies. As we have developed and grown, we have taken pride in fulfilling your requests and demands and delivering the highest quality beauty products at affordable prices. But the one product that has shone above the rest is everyone's favourite hair mask. 



Time and time again, customers have returned to stock up on their Coconut & Argan Oil Hair fix and actively share the news of the amazing results with family, friends, & social media as often as they can. 

At Give Me, it has given us great satisfaction in knowing that our customers are as passionate about our products as we are developing them.

This is why, when many of our regular Give Me shoppers contacted us and asked the team to develop a Shampoo & Conditioner to sell alongside the Hair Mask - We listened. 



After 8 months of careful planning and designing, we believe we have perfected the best formula to compliment everyone’s No1 deep conditioning Hair Mask.

Created with customer feedback in mind, the paraben-free duo is infused with natural coconut & argan oils. The two ingredients work together to moisturise, support & strengthen hair follicles for thoroughly cleansed soft & shiny hair, packed with volume & bounce. Bursting with provitamins, it increases elasticity in the hair strands and absorbs water content for added moisture. 




The Shampoo also contains Macadamia Oil which in turn, contributes to added strength and nourishment; helping to increase hair protein and reducing hair loss and brittle strands. 





With the addition of Panthenol for scalp support, volume & shine; the Conditioner helps to protect the hair follicles from over-styling, overprocessing & environmental change by locking in moisture & slowing down the process of thinning hair by Improving hair texture and preventing tangles. 



We are so excited to be sharing this new range with you and whether it's once a week or every day, we hope that you take pleasure in your new hair washing routine. 




For the best results pair up our NEW Shampoo & Conditioner with everyone’s much-loved Hair Mask and Detangling Brush the ultimate great hair day! 


Get your Shampoo & Conditioner bundle today for only £12 Here!


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Melissa Bowker


Melissa Bowker

Bought this 3 days ago and received today. I used the shampoo and conditioner today but still to try the mask. I love the smell it’s gorgeous. Made my hair shine, smell great and feels soft!

Highly recommend for dry dull and tired hair ;)

Melissa Bowker

Have just bought your shampoo conditioner and hair mask in which order do I use the product ?
Do I shampoo condition the mask ?
Not sure please advise

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