Everything You Need to Know about Tonight’s Return of GBBO

Everything You Need to Know about Tonight’s Return of GBBO

Summer is almost over which means only one thing, it’s time to enter the Great Tent once again!



Airing tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm, be prepared for a whole new collection of soggy bottoms as 13 new contestants go head to head to become 2019’s Great British Bake-off Champion!


Returning to the are judges, Pru Leith & Paul Hollywood, accompanied by the much-loved comedy duo, Sandi Toksvig & Noel Feilding.


But now, time to meet this year’s baking line-up that be taking up their positions in the Bake-off Tent.



  • 28
  • Essex
  • Geography Teacher

"I have wanted to be in Bake Off ever since the show has started, but I wasn’t really good enough when I was 18. To be on such a big show doing something that you are passionate about is a huge thing.  I also felt that to be accepted into the tent gave me the confidence to feel that I could bake.  It was a dream come true!"



  • 24
  • London
  • Fashion Designer

"I have wanted to get into the tent since series 1, it’s still not sunk in, but it’s a dream come true."



  • 32
  • Rotherham
  • Support Worker

"I have been trying for a few years now, so finally I am here. It’s absolutely crazy, really amazing, I was so adamant to get on, it’s very hard to describe the feelings, all strange and surreal. And then when you are in the tent it all feels normal pretty quickly."




  • 36
  • London
  • Health Advisor

"I have watched Bake Off from the start, and I have daydreamed so many times walking to work about being in it for such a long time. And when I got accepted it was such a mixture of emotions. Then I thought this is really crazy, am I good enough, will I have enough time to practice?"




  • 40
  • Leeds
  • Project Manager

"I won a baking competition at work and that gave me the confidence to apply.  Although when I learned that I had got in I had a bit of a confidence crisis thinking, can I possibly be good enough?"




  • 20
  • Durham
  • Student

"I have wanted to get into the tent since series 2. They filmed it at the end of my road, so I used to see Paul Hollywood when I walked past the tent to go to school in the mornings, so I really got into it. To be inside the actual tent was totally wonderful." 



  • 20
  • Surrey
  • Waiter

"When they called to tell me it was a real shock, I really wasn't expecting it at all. But a nice shock!"




  • 26
  • Stratford – upon – Avon
  • Theatre Manager/ Fitness Instructor

 "This was the very first time that I applied, one night I applied as I was a bit bored, I never thought I would get to the audition process.  So when I found out it was a mixture of shock and blind panic!"




  • 35
  • Tenby, Wales
  • Print Shop Administrator

"I was so emotional when I found out, I cry when I am happy and cry when I am sad.  I have wanted it for so long, so I couldn’t believe it."




  • 56
  • Essex
  • HGV Driver

"To get in there now, is an amazing experience that I won’t forget for the rest of my life.”



  • 34
  • Leicester
  • Marketing Consultant

"I downloaded the application for Bake Off in 2012 the year I got married but I thought I would never get in. I applied again last year, and then this year I got in and it was so dreamy and unreal. I was in no doubt it would change my life. And it taught me to pursue the things you love, and you just have to go for it."



  • 28
  • Somerset
  • Veterinary Surgeon

"When I heard I was accepted, the only word I can describe it as is ecstatic!”



  • 28
  • Chester
  • Shop Assistant

"It’s a bit like a lottery, it wasn't really joined-up thinking, I didn't think that I would get in, I wanted to give it a go. It’s just beyond anything that I can imagine, because I didn't really dream that I would get in, it has been the most incredible surreal experience."



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