Emma Willis Confirms ‘The Circle’ Release Date – And We Can’t Wait!

Emma Willis Confirms ‘The Circle’ Release Date – And We Can’t Wait!

Channel 4’s popular digital dating show is returning for a second season and now super host Emma Willis has confirmed the release date for series 2.

Credit: Channel 4


The social media-based reality show consists of eight ‘players’ based in the same block of flats but being confined to their own apartments and never meeting their components. The only way of communications with the ‘house mates’ is through social media app ‘The Circle’.


The game’s aim is to gain as much social status amongst the group in a bid to win the 50K cash prize at the end of the show.

The twist in the game, however, depicts whether the players choose to compete as themselves or as a completely different character.


Credit: Channel 4


The theme focus’ heavily on today’s society and how so many people are relying on social media platforms to meet new people and develop relationships, the flaw in the this process is that you never know who you might be talking to and whether the person behind the profile picture is really who they say they are.


Now that the era of Big Brother is over (RIP), the fabulous Emma Willis will be hosting this season of the social experiment reality show.


As she joins the show, Willis will be taking over the hosting duo of Maya Jama & Alice Levine.


Credit: Channel 4


When interviewed by Digital Spy on the subject of the Channel 4 show, the former BB Host said, ‘I came to it late because it was on at the same time as Big Brother, obviously, so I was not watching it while it was on.’

‘I was obviously intrigued because it was up against us. So, I watched it afterwards, and it was just one of those things where you kind of go, “I’m going to watch another one. I might watch another one. Shit, I’m in, it’s got me!’


Last year’s show saw catfish character ‘Kate’ (Alex Hobern) win the 50K cash prize and even in addition win an extra 35K after being voted as the viewers favourite player!

Credit: Channel 4


There will be a few alterations in this year’s show as we will see Emma Willis pop over to the flats once a week for a live show – influenced by Big Brother maybe?


Well, as Willis releases a second trailer for the show, she has also announced that the show will be returning to our screens on channel 4 on Tuesday, 24thSeptember!


Melissa Bowker

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