Did 2019 Kill the High Heel?

Every millennial girl remembers their early 20’s vividly; starting night’s out with the shortest, skimpiest dress, freezing outside a club, holding their platform heels in their hands and stumbling through the streets in shredded, blistered bare feet. There was a sort of perverse pleasure in it, more often than not, it meant you’d have a great night.



But nobody would dream of wearing flats to a club, you were deemed as boring and ‘mumsy’.


You would go to work in heels, and live with the fact that your toes were a mangled mess constantly and that was probably the reason why all the older women in your family are currently rocking the ever-attractive bunion look. Which raises the question we should have asked our younger selves, ‘Why should we sacrifice comfort for style?’



Well the tables have certainly turned. Going on a night out means a completely different ethos in this X Generation backdrop. Girls in clubs, are now sporting the 90’s grunge looks with baggy band shirts and the reprisal of the trusty converse. It seems stilettos are no longer synonymous with 'making an effort'. It makes sense, you can last longer in the night because you no longer have the surging pain shooting from your toes. More dancing potential.




Then brogues reappeared along with the suede tassel loafers, and now you are deemed as old fashioned if you rock up to the office or an event in a pair of smart stilettos. Even wedge espadrilles can receive a funny look from the younger fashionistas.


It’s even creeping into weddings now; attendees would rather appear in a pair of ballet pumps than standing around all day in a cute pair of patent court shoes.

It used to be that to women, wearing heels would make you feel ‘powerful’ but in a new world where feminism has shown women in a stronger and more inspirational way, heels have lost their purpose.




One member of the public, Alisa 41, commented on social media about the fashion rewind. "I love that fashion has moved away from the definition of 'feminine' being seven-inch demonic heels, and I can still look and feel great in a pretty dress with a pair of Stan Smiths."


We all know that fashion travels in a full circle and it’s only a matter of time before we move onto the next trend but as someone who has some beautiful high-heels collecting a significant amount of dust.  Will the high heel ever return or is it time to get rid for good?

Melissa Bowker

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