Diana Ross is Confirmed to Play Glastonbury, But Who Else Is?

Diana Ross is Confirmed to Play Glastonbury, But Who Else Is?

She’s Coming out! 


To celebrate Glastonbury 50th Anniversary. The gigantic music festival is pulling out all the stops for the 2020 event.


And to illuminate the Sunday ‘Legends’ slot on the Pyramid Stage, the Motown diva Diana Ross will be blessing us with her presence.


The ‘Dream Come True’ hitmaker is officially the first act to announced in next year’s special edition festival.



Miss Ross took to twitter to announce the exciting news, ‘This is a dream come true. To all the fans across the world, this is my tribute to you. I’m coming to Glastonbury, with love.’


The Sunday afternoon slot has famously been taken over by legendary artists such as Kylie Minogue, The ‘Bee gees’ Barry Gibb, Dame Shirley Bassey & Lionel Richie.


Sir Paul McCartney was rumoured to headline Somerset’s Worthy Farm and has hinted he could be added to the line-up.


‘People are saying that it will be good if I did it, so I’m starting to think about whether I can and whether it would be a good thing.’


‘My kids are saying “Dad, we’ve got to talk about Glastonbury” and I think I know what they mean.’


‘It’s starting to become some remote kind of possibility. It’s definitely not fixed yet, but people are starting to talk about it.’  






Melissa Bowker

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