Dad-to-Be Steps in When Wife is Too Ill to Attend Maternity Shoot

Dad-to-Be Steps in When Wife is Too Ill to Attend Maternity Shoot


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


It is a vision of pure beauty, when an expectant mother, bears all and relishes in the magic of a tiny person growing inside her.

The organic imagery of mother carrying the burden of her soon-to-be child.


Celebs have made maternity shoots so much more popular in recent years, from the iconic Maria Carey shoot, to the wonderfully eye-catching Beyoncé shoot when she was pregnant with the twins.


Regular people are now jumping on the bandwagon and it seems to be on every expectant mothers’ checklist.


So, it must be devastating when you’re in your prime term of pregnancy and you become too ill to attend a once in a lifetime photoshoot.


But when dad-to-be, Jared Brewer saw how his wife couldn’t make it to the special shoot, the excited, expectant father decided to take one for the team and do the shoot himself, showcasing his wonderful beer belly in the style of a ‘Paternity Shoot’.


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


Kelsey, 24, was admitted to hospital with Pre-Eclampsia and welcomed her baby into the world six weeks early.


So, her wedding photographer sister, Kiana and father-to-be took to the location, Kelsey originally wanted to shoot at and created a magical re-enactment.

 Credit: Kennedy News and Media


26-year-old, Jared said. ‘I wanted to make her laugh a little bit – I knew she would appreciate the shoot because she needed a good laugh.’


‘She’d been in hospital for the past week and had been miserable. She’s very photogenic and loves to take pictures and wasn’t able to.’ He added.


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


Building planner, Kelsey was so overwhelmed with the photoshoot. She’s shared it on her social and it went viral.


‘It took us all by surprise – we were just trying to do something nice for Amy wife and then all the positive reactions that came from it’, said Jared.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media 


‘It was just completely unexpected, it made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes. I really appreciated the thought that went into it’, Kelsey commented.

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