Company Creates Mouse Hand Warmers for Cold Offices

Company Creates Mouse Hand Warmers for Cold Offices

 There is nothing worse can having cold hands whilst working the office. Typing an email can become a painful ordeal when your hands freeze up and where wearing fingerless gloves may look a little questionable to your employer.


Well this company has invented a genius accessory this chilly winter.

A heated mouse matt! Acting as a little house for your hands and mouse, simply click away in the comfort of a cosy, fluffy warmer.

The heated mouse matt is now on sale on Amazon at just under £17. Bargain!

No more clutching at your coffee mug to stimulate the circulation!

The product description reads:

"USB Warmer Mouse Pad [has a] built-in warmer pad can help warm your freezing cold hand while you are at work.

"The temperature of the mouse pad will go up to a suitable degree after it is connected to the computer, just plug it into the USB port, then you can warm your hand all the time."

Available in a multitude of colours, this is definitely going to be on every offices secret Santa wish list this year!

Melissa Bowker

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