Celebs You Will be Shocked Who Have Checked into Rehab

Celebs You Will be Shocked Who Have Checked into Rehab

After recent headlines dropped today that Kit Harrington became the latest of celebs to seek professional help and checking himself into a ‘Wellness Retreat’ ahead of the GOT finale. Discussions have circled about how much pressure celebrities face when thrown into the public eye.


Harrington shot to fame in 2011 after obtaining the role of Jon Snow in the much-loved HBO series Game of Thrones.



But with great fame comes many demands and a very stressful schedule. 

It can be very overwhelming for a new celeb to take on a drastic lifestyle change. Your world gets turned upside down, leaving very little or no room for downtime and quiet reflection.

This is when stars turn to drugs and alcohol to help maintain stress and tiredness levels that inevitably come with the job.



Here are among a few superstar’s who have also struggled with the high demand of being the public eye and have sought professional help.


Selena Gomez


Gomez started working as a child actor with The Disney Channel on shows such as, Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack & Cody and eventually landing a major role in Wizards of Waverly Place. Spring boarding her into the public eye from a very early age.


She then went on to pursue a career in music which became so taxing with continuously being on the road that she began to suffer with depression and frequent panic attacks. In 2017 she cancelled her tour and checked herself into a rehab facility.



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Demi Lovato


After experiencing a similar shot into stardom, Demi also began her acting career with The Disney Channel through music flick Camp Rock. From this she was catapulted into her singing career. But the backbreaker of the industry became too much as Lovato quickly turned to drugs from the age of 17. Struggling with the pressures of constantly partying and touring, the Disney Star was admitted to hospital last summer after a suspected cocaine overdose. Once she was out of the woods, she checked herself into a rehab to help control her addiction.



Daniel Radcliffe


If ever there was a bigger child star than Daniel Radcliffe. After propelling into superstardom at the age of 11 during filming the blockbuster movies of best-selling children’s books Harry Potter. To cope with the crushing demands of the hugely popular movies, Radcliffe began drinking throughout filming in the later films and would turn up to set drunk. He later checked himself into rehab and hasn’t touched a drop since 2010.




Zac Efron


After becoming a Disney heartthrob with the voice of an angel during the filming of High School Musical; Efron couldn’t go anywhere without the roar of screaming fans. Zac battled with a cocaine addiction as a way of handling his rise to fame. He ended up checking himself into rehab twice.



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Jack Gleeson


The burden fame carries can sometimes be too heavy to bear. Fellow GOT star Jack Gleeson was well known for the wicked portrayal of ‘Joffrey Lannister’ in the hit series. Due to playing the role of one of the most hated characters of Game of Thrones, Gleeson suffered with depression and would lock himself away during filming after receiving death threats by the show’s fans.

Jack ended up quitting the industry altogether and pursued a career in becoming a philosophy lecturer.  









Melissa Bowker

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