Casa Amor set to return next week!

Casa Amor set to return next week!



This year’s Love Island couples are about to face their toughest challenge yet as 12 new contestants enter the villa and the couples will split into two separate locations.




The current guys will be sent to stay in the returning sister villa Casa Amor along with a whole new set of girls while the current villa will be introduced to a fresh batch of male contestants.



As the strength of relationships get put to the test whose head will turn.



Love Island boss Angelia Jain said, ‘What we do in terms of format twists – as this is ongoing casting – we’re trying to mirror real life and relationships do get tested, that’s entirely normal.’


‘So, we will test them, and the islanders are fully aware their relationship will get tested.’



What surprises will the separated couples face during their time apart?

Last year we saw Jack Fincham’s ex Ellie Jones enter Cash Amor.

This may be a good opportunity for singletons, Arabella, Maura and Lucie to meet some fresh new male faces to couple up with.




For power couples such Curtis & Amy and Amber & Michael, this will be the first time they have been apart since the start of the show.



It hasn’t been confirmed when the house split will occur, but sources have stated that it will most likely happen in the next week or so.


Who do you think will fall at the first hurdle?


Let us know your thoughts!


Melissa Bowker

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