Buy More - Spend Less with Our Bulk Buy Options!

Buy More - Spend Less with Our Bulk Buy Options!

It’s the stuff of nightmares when you run out of a product that you use and entirely rely on!


You go to reach for your favourite hair/ face/ lip product and its EMPTY! What do you do!?


Never get caught out again with Give Me’s Bulk Buy Options 



Save money & access more when you buy the bundle options!


Obsessed with the Hair Mask but want it in a bigger tube? Bulk buy & save!


Get 1 for £9 Each



Get 2x Bundle - £8 Each




Get 4x Bundle - £7.25 Each





Love the Sheet Masks?


Buy 1 for £6 Each




Buy 2 for £4 Each



Can’t get enough of the Pink Gel Eye Patches?


Buy 1 Packet - £2 Each




Buy 4 Packets - £1.50 Each



Love the Eco Pads?


Buy 1 for £7 each



Buy 2 for £4.99 each



Want more but spend less?


Our hampers offer a range of full-sized products for a fraction of the prices sold separately!

For example, our Self-Care Hamper Contains:



The individual prices of all these items together equals a whopping £60!

Bought in the hamper it would only cost you £25 saving a mass total of £35 (That’s just £2.50 per product!)


Our Ultimate Pamper Hamper Contains an incredible 24 products at a full-priced amount of £160!

Grab yourself the hamper and save an unbelievable £100! (£2.50 Per product)


Never run out of your favourite product again! Buy more, Spend less!

Melissa Bowker

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