Big Night Out Planned? – 3 Top Give Me Beauty Tips to make your Skin Glow!

Big Night Out Planned? – 3 Top Give Me Beauty Tips to make your Skin Glow!

There is so much pressure on looking perfect for a big night out, from nailing your outfit to make absolutely sure your hair and make-up is on point!

But before any of this comes into play, you should spend an equal amount of time prepping and maintaining your skin’s healthiness. To benefit from a glowing complexion in your glamourous ‘Standing by the door pics’ and ‘toilet selfie’s’, make sure you follow these few simple beauty tips.


Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse

It’s so important to keep your skin clean, especially if you wear a lot of make-up. Cleansing your pores regularly will keep blackheads and grease build up at bay.

Exfoliate your skin with natural based face washes which gently eliminate dead skin cells – To maximise your clean feel, try a Give Me Natural Mud Bubble Mask with an exfoliating facial pad to ignite a natural glow and radiate pores.






Quick Fix Facelift

No not many people have the time (or money) to have a quick nip and tuck for tighter, younger looking skin but by using a simple sheet face mask, your skin will be fed all the needed vitamins and oils to illuminate a tighter and brighter feel to your skin. – Give Me’s Ultimate Face Fix Sheet Mask is perfect for giving your skin a quick pick me up.





Scrub of your life

Since the Kylie Jenner craze, there has been a huge emphasis on hot, plump lips. Everyone is after fuller, brighter lips so it would look horrific if you applied your lip kit to dry and chapped smackers.

An exfoliating lip scrub will not only rid you of your unwanted dry skin but also stimulate your lips and bless you with the appearance of naturally brighter and fuller lips. - Give Me Lip Scrubs are rich in natural oils, to help soften & protect lips PLUS they taste AMAZING! - Comes in three flavours!







Now that your prepping is done, time to apply your glam make-up, create your show-stopping hairstyle, put on your knock out outfit and SLAY!






Melissa Bowker

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